Joze Piranian

Transformational Speaker, Stand-up Comedian

For debilitating stutter to performing on stages worldwide, Joze Piranian is an Inspirational Speaker who delivers Transformational talks about Conquering Fears, Overcoming Obstacles, Building Resilience and Diversity/Inclusion. His Goalcast talk was viewed 2 million times!

Joze is also a stand-up comedian who has performed at the Laugh Factory in Chicago, The Stand in Edinburgh, Broadway Comedy Club in NY and The Comedy Nest in Montreal. His motivational speaking always includes funny moments.

“Everyone stutters ; I just happen to do it when I speak” according to Joze. His mission is to inspire every person who hears him speak at an organization, conference, university or school to overcome their own obstacles (their “inner stutter”) so that they too start becoming the absolute BEST version of themselves!