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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

9:00 am

Opening keynote session

Macroeconomic outlook: Managing change and adapting to the new environment

As the economy rebounds, companies have been busy navigating changes and restructuring their businesses. At the forefront of this are HR executives: driving their businesses to adapt to the new economic environment.

Join ATB’s Chief Economist and HR expert as he draws on his breadth of experience and knowledge to deliver HR guidance on how to succeed during this crucial time, including:

  • How do we overcome current challenges and position our companies as leaders of the future?
  • How can we overcome recruitment and labour market challenges?
  • How is HR adapting to the new economic environment?
  • What leadership is required to navigate change?
  • How can we rebuild our people and business strategies to succeed in the new economy?
  • The impact of AI, automation and robotics on economy and labour market

Todd Hirsch, Vice President & Chief Economist, ATB Financial

9:45 am

The future of HR: How are artificial intelligence and robotic automation transforming the HR function?

AI technology and robotic automation are disrupting the world of business. How is the role of HR evolving in a rapidly changing landscape? It all comes under the spotlight in this interactive session that explores how HR must rise to the challenge of unprecedented digital and technological disruption as well as analyzing how HR itself can achieve higher efficiency, effectiveness and value with the help of AI and robotic automation.

During this session we will look at:

  • How will AI and other new technologies disrupt HR? Moving from transactional HR to strategic HR – is AI the game changer for HR to be able to redefine itself?
  • The digital labour impact on the organization. What roles and skills will be automated or augmented across the organization and how?
  • The journey to digital labour for the HR function itself. What can HR do today to prepare itself for the future?
  • The role of people analytics in helping HR organizations prepare for the future of work. What people analytics practices are leading organizations globally implementing to get ready for the future of work?

Stavros Demetriou, Director, People and Change, KPMG in Canada

Doreen Funk, Director, People and Change, KPMG in Canada

10:25 am

Fit break

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11:10 am

Panel Discussion

Workplace 2030: Preparing for the future of work

Join our panel of cross-industry HR leaders and change agents to discuss navigating disruption, developing future talent strategies and preparing for the future of work in their organizations. Case studies and practical insights reveal how you can steer the ship into the new future of work. Under discussion:

  • Understanding the trends that are changing traditional ways work: flex work, scrum and agile, design thinking and gig economy
  • Skilling and reskilling. How is digitization impacting the types of skills required in the future?
  • How are organizations developing their future talent strategies for these new skills and ways of working?

Matt Burns, CHRO; Co-Host of HR Leaders LIVE online show and podcast; Most Innovative Use of HR Technology Award Winner, Canadian HR Awards 2017


Angèle Mullins, Director, Human Resources, NAL Resources

Gillian Hynes, Senior Advisor, Talent Strategy, Royal Dutch Shell

Wellington Holbrook, Chief Transformation Officer, ATB Financial

Tom Short, President and Founder, Kudos Inc.

12:00 pm
1:00 pm

Leveraging the benefits of a diverse workforce to drive innovation

Disruption is transforming the business landscape. Organizations need varied perspectives to survive – including gender, experience, age and culture. Yet research conducted by DDI tells us that although 71% of organizations globally aspire to a diverse culture ... only 11% will ever make this a reality.

Join industry thought leaders to understand how you can discover, activate and accelerate hidden potential within your organization and develop a diverse work environment. Including:

  • Eliminating blind spots across your organisation
  • Developing diverse leadership; implementing successful HiPo programmes
  • Strategies for identifying and unleashing untapped sources of potential

Mathieu Baril, Managing Director, DDI Canada

Bill Mitchell, Senior Talent Strategist, DDI Canada

1:30 pm

Moving Beyond Performance Management

When used correctly, performance processes can be a powerful tool for enacting change. Technological developments have enabled a transformation from a one-sided, evaluative model to people and growth-oriented development that can ignite performance across the organization. This session will advise HR leaders on that latest tools and tactics for helping to motivate and coach their employees to discover, unlock and fulfil their potential.

  • Key strategies for transitioning performance management into performance development
  • Building the case for continuous conversations versus annual events for compensation decisions
  • Gain ideas to transform your managers into coaching leaders armed with meaningful data and AI-driven recommendations to motivate their teams
  • Understand the latest technologies supporting the transformation in performance development

Yutaka Takagi, Manager, HCM Technology, Ultimate Software

2:00 pm

Ted-style talk presentations

Cultural change management and company rebranding: developing attractive organisations to secure and retain top talent

It’s a challenging economy out there. HR professionals must position their organisations to attract the top talent required for innovation and growth – embarking on internal cultural change management programmes whilst also looking at adapting external value propositions and mission statements to better resonate with the talent they want.

Join our line-up of cross-industry HR leaders as they provide insight and case-studies on how they navigate such challenges, including:

  • Rethinking value statements: how do you develop value statements that resonate with new talent?
  • Practical strategies for business, HR and marketing teams to work together in positioning your company as a great place to work
  • Adjusting to millennials: ensuring a clear sense of purpose and value within your organisation
  • Practical insights for overcoming cultural change management challenges, including C-suite buy-in and implementation in remote and isolated offices

Karla Kochan, Vice President, Human Resources and Communications, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC)

Ben Bazinet, Vice President, Strategy & Development, Horizon North Logistics Inc.

2:40 pm

Fit break

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3:25 pm

Panel discussion

Practical insights for managing the wider implications of cannabis in the workplace

The legalization of cannabis has been a key focus for HR leaders over the past year. While organizations need solid strategies and frameworks to control its direct impact on the workplace, the potential broader implications remain unclear ... as do the approaches required to manage them.

Join our panel of HR leaders to learn how they plan to approach wider cannabis-related challenges, including:

  • Perspectives on how various industries are approaching cannabis in the workplace
  • Determining the impact of cannabis in safety sensitive workplaces and methods for ensuring control
  • Protecting non-smokers from second hand marijuana smoke
  • What can HR do in scenarios of potential intoxication without a measuring gage?
  • Marijuana and client entertainment: Best practice protocols for consumption with clients and cannabis-related expenses

Kirsten Hayne, Director of People, Culture & Communications, Ryfan Electric


Cora Ramirez, Executive Director of People & Culture, Pomeroy Lodging

Rob Caswell, HR & LR Leader, Carewest Innovative Health Care

Karen Stokke, Learning Manager, Cannabis At Work

4:15 pm

Closing keynote session

Developing authentic leadership across remote, regional or international workplaces

In this closing keynote, a prominent business leader offers practical insights on what it means to lead remotely and internationally. You’ll hear powerful advice for driving change, increasing performance and developing cultures of leadership and engagement across remote, regional or international workplaces, including:

  • Creating a culture of trust, collaboration and respect in disparate locations
  • Ensuring employee engagement in remote or international locations
  • Case studies: Best practices for successfully managing a global workforce

Mark Porter, Executive Vice-President, People and Culture, WestJet

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