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Registration and Breakfast

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Conference Welcome Remarks

9:00 am

Opening Keynote: The Future of HR Leadership

We are in the middle of a seismic shift in terms of the way that organisations manage their people and HR leaders are at the centre of this transformation. The role of HR is shifting towards being at the centre of business strategy and a key component for pushing change forward. As technology advances, how can HR leaders deliver value to changing work environments? This session will provide insights into the key to strategic HR:

  • Understanding the true role of HR in a fast-changing work environment
  • Delivering value through HR automation and technological advances
  • Building a vision for the future and delivering transformational change
  • Providing leading-edge strategy and innovation to support and drive the business
  • HR's credibility at the leadership level and how it affects a company’s bottom line

Mark Porter

Executive Vice President, People & Culture, WestJet

9:40 am

Session TBA

10:20 am

Networking Coffee Break

11:00 am

Presentation: Developing Better Leaders & Retaining Top Talent

Business is moving fast. Billions of dollars are being spent on leadership development each year. Are traditional methods of leadership training helping an organization’s continued success in today’s world? In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Upskilling the organization and building the skills and organizational capabilities of the future
  • Ensuring leadership development aligns with an organization’s corporate strategy
  • Training leaders for multi-disciplinary and cross-functional solutions
  • How to combat the increasing turnover rate and retain top talent

Rachel Moore

Vice President, Human Resources, Encana Corporation

11:40 am

Best Practices for Creating Rewards & Recognition Programs 

Employee recognition is a crucial part of great workplace cultures. Leading employers today understand the importance of a customized, sustainable program that helps employees feel valued and appreciated and that reflects the needs and preferences of their diverse workforces.

  • Creating a comprehensive recognition strategy
  • Recognizing, inspiring, and connecting employees
  • Sharing and celebrating success across the organization
  • Building recognition into your workplace culture

Kevin Ames

Director, O.C. Tanner Institute

12:10 pm

Networking Lunch

1:10 pm

Afternoon Keynote: Breaking Barriers – Creating True Inclusion

Delivering successful D&I programmes has become a strategic priority. What are the latest trends and innovations that help facilitate long-term inclusivity? And, most importantly, how can you utilize them? During this engaging session, we’ll discuss:

  • Creating bias-free recruitment processes
  • Securing leadership buy-in for diversity programs and measuring their impact on business performance
  • Widening the diversity lens beyond gender issues
  • Creating an inclusive culture where everyone is comfortable being who they are

Tej Singh Hazra

Seasoned Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner

1:45 pm

Session TBA 

2:15 pm

Panel: Digital Transformation in the Workplace

The HR function has shed its archaic focus on ‘pen-pushing personnel’ and payroll packets. In 2019, it’s poised to lead digital transformation from the very heart of the organization – spanning across people, workplace, and strategy. During this interactive panel discussion, we’ll discuss future workplace strategies needed to strike the right balance between adopting smart new technologies and remaining people-centric

Gillian Hayes

Senior Talent Advisor, Royal Dutch Shell

Bekki Leon

Manager Policy, Benefits & Services, LNG Canada

Denise Bodnaryk

Senior Human Resources Leader, Consultant

2:55 pm

Coffee Networking Break 

3:35 pm

Presentation: Driving Effective Transformation Through Better Change Management

  • The case for change management as a practice
  • Building a change culture through developing internal capabilities
  • Lessons learned from our journey

Morag Ritchie

Director, Organizational Effectiveness, The Calgary Airport Authority

Cynthia Tremblay

Vice President, Human Resources, The Calgary Airport Authority

4:05 pm

Panel: Change Employee Behaviour & Create Employee Engagement Strategies

In order to create real breakthroughs, build meaningful collaboration, gain new clients and engage the best talent, it’s time to take a closer look at how we interact with our people. In this session we will discuss:

  • What role does HR play in the management of change and supporting employee engagement?
  • The role of communication – what you say and what is heard
  • Coaching employees and reinforcing positive behaviours
  • Creating collective team goals to increase engagement

Michelle Berg

CEO, Elevated HR Solutions

Jamil Kara

Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Canadian Western Bank

Chad Rolstad

Vice President, Human Resources, Canadian Pacific Railway

Tamara Janzen

Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development, Alberta Pension Services Corporation 

4:35 pm

Closing Keynote: Managing Your Unique Culture Through Periods of Change

As organizations continue to scale, navigate digital disruption and respond to the varied requirements of the most age-diverse workforce in history, HR leaders must evolve their company culture to reflect the new business environment whilst retaining the organizations unique identity and core values. How do you walk the tightrope between driving successful change and maintaining culture?

  • Evolve in positive ways and remain competitive while being able to maintain the identity and values of your company brand
  • Create a positive organizational culture through inclusion and authenticity
  • Foster a culture of accountability and learning through open communication
  • Link organizational culture to traditional business measures of success
  • Securing leadership buy-in for diversity programs and measuring their impact on business performance
  • Addressing bias across the workplace, recruitment, selection and reward and recognition
  • Creating strategies of how to lead a multigenerational workplace

Lorne Rubis

Chief Culture & Transformation Officer, Canadian LifeTime Achievement Award Winner 2018, NorQuest College

5:05 pm

Conference Concludes

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